• Construction Project Manager

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  • Construction Project Manager

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    GWS Segment

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    Project Management


    Columbus - Ohio - United States of America, Dallas - Texas - United States of America, Phoenix - Arizona - United States of America

    The purpose of this position is to lead individual, multi-disciplined real estate project solutions for clients, with direct accountability for project delivery.

    Characteristics of responsible projects:

    Complexity: Medium

    Risk: Medium

    Duration: Midterm (weeks to months)

    Value: Typically < $2="" million="" usd"="" manages="" all="" facets="" of="" project="" management="" (budget,="" schedule,="" procurement,="" quality="" &="" risk)="" for="" individual="" real="" estate="" projects="" including="" planning,="" design,="" construction,="" occupancy="" and="" closeout.="" demonstrates="" capability="" to="" read,="" understand="" and="" apply="" standard="" to="" moderately="" complex="" documents="" affecting="" real="" estate="" projects,="" including="" but="" not="" limited="" to:="" agreements/contracts,="" leases,="" work="" letters,="" project="" charters,="" surveys="" and="" drawings.="" interfaces="" directly="" with="" clients="" to="" define="" project="" requirements.="" prepares="" scope="" of="" work,="" project="" delivery="" resource="" requirements,="" cost="" estimate="" &="" budget,="" work="" plan="" schedule="" &="" milestones,="" quality="" control,="" and="" risk="" identification.="" identifies="" project="" delivery="" resources="" from="" pre-qualified="" lists="" or="" through="" individual="" project="" qualification="" process;="" conducts="" standard="" request="" for="" proposals;="" completes="" bid="" analysis;="" recommends="" resources="" to="" clients.="" leads="" project="" delivery="" resources/team="" providing="" project="" guidance="" and="" direction="" to="" achieve="" project="" goals.="" implements="" communication="" plan="" for="" meetings="" and="" written="" reports/meeting="" minutes="" to="" keep="" client="" and="" project="" resources="" informed.="" facilitates="" project="" meetings.="" implements="" project="" documentation="" governance="" aligned="" with="" company="" and="" client="" requirements.="" ensure="" project="" data="" integrity="" and="" documentation="" is="" accurate,="" timely="" and="" coordinated.="" tracks="" progress="" of="" each="" project="" against="" goals,="" objectives,="" approved="" budgets,="" approved="" timelines.="" reports="" status="" and="" variances.="" creates="" action="" plans="" to="" meet="" objectives,="" budget="" and="" schedule.="" implements="" change="" management="" routines="" to="" assess="" change="" requests,="" make="" recommendations,="" secure="" client="" approvals,="" and="" issue="" change="" orders.="" assesses="" change="" requests="" to="" determine="" impacts="" to="" scope,="" budget,="" schedule,="" quality="" and="" risk.="" demonstrates="" ability="" to="" identify="" project="" risks,="" develop="" risk="" mitigation="" and="" contingency="" plans,="" and="" implement="" action="" plans="" to="" reduce="" or="" eliminate="" project="" risks.="" other="" duties="" as="" assigned.="" no="" formal="" supervisory="" responsibilities="" in="" this="" position.="" provides="" informal="" assistance="" such="" as="" technical="" guidance,="" and/or="" training="" to="" coworkers.="" may="" lead="" project="" teams="" and/or="" plan,="" and="" supervise="" assignments="" of="" lower="" level="" employees.="" manages="" 3rd="" party="" project="" delivery="" resources/team.="" responsible="" for="" identifying="" training="" needs,="" tracking="" performance,="" coaching,="" and="" motivating="" team="" members.="" bachelor's="" degree="" (ba/bs/beng/barch)="" from="" college="" or="" university="" in="" a="" technical="" area="" of="" study.="" minimum="" four="" years="" of="" related="" experience="" and/or="" training.="" pmp="" (us="" and/or="" canada)="" and="" leed="" ap="" preferred.="" excellent="" written="" and="" verbal="" communication="" skills.="" strong="" organizational="" and="" analytical="" skills.="" ability="" to="" provide="" efficient,="" timely,="" reliable="" and="" courteous="" service="" to="" customers.="" ability="" to="" effectively="" present="" information.="" requires="" advanced="" knowledge="" of="" financial="" terms="" and="" principles.="" ability="" to="" calculate="" intermediate="" figures="" such="" as="" percentages,="" discounts,="" and="" commissions.="" conducts="" advanced="" financial="" analysis.="" ability="" to="" comprehend,="" analyze,="" and="" interpret="" complex="" documents.="" ability="" to="" solve="" problems="" involving="" several="" options="" in="" situations.="" requires="" advanced="" analytical="" and="" quantitative="" skills.="" intermediate="" skills="" with="" microsoft="" office="" suite.="" ability="" to="" read="" and="" understand="" architectural="" drawings.="" knowledge="" in="" ms="" project,="" leases,="" contracts,="" and="" construction="" practices.="" decisions="" made="" with="" thorough="" understanding="" of="" procedures,="" company="" policies,="" and="" business="" practices="" to="" achieve="" general="" results="" and="" deadlines.="" responsible="" for="" setting="" work="" unit="" and/or="" project="" deadlines.="" errors="" in="" judgment="" may="" cause="" short-term="" impact="" to="" department.="" cbre="" is="" an="" equal="" opportunity/affirmative="" action="" employer="" with="" a="" long-standing="" commitment="" to="" providing="" equal="" employment="" opportunity="" to="" all="" qualified="" applicants="" regardless="" of="" race,="" color,="" religion,="" national="" origin,="" sex,="" sexual="" orientation,="" gender="" identity,="" pregnancy,="" age,="" citizenship,="" marital="" status,="" disability,="" veteran="" status,="" political="" belief,="" or="" any="" other="" basis="" protected="" by="" applicable="" law.="" note:="" an="" additional="" requirement="" for="" this="" role="" is="" the="" ability="" to="" comply="" with="" covid-19="" health="" and="" safety="" protocols,="" including="" covid-19="" vaccination="" proof="" and/or="" rigorous="" testing.="" cbre,="" inc.="" is="" an="" equal="" opportunity="" and="" affirmative="" action="" employer="" (women/minorities/persons="" with="" disabilities/us="" veterans)="">